Sunday, 15 October 2017

Get Certified by Google - Grow Your Business with Digital Unlocked

Hello dear readers and visitors! Here I come with an awesome news. Google has launched a free course in Digital - Digital Unlocked. It's the best opportunity for those who want to enhance digital skills. It will guide you through everything from search engines, to social media and beyond. I have enrolled for this course and will keep you informed of my experience as I progress.

What is Digital Unlocked?

Digital Unlocked - an initiative by Google in association with FICCI and Indian School of Business, to help Indian businesses unlock exponential growth with digital. The objective of the program is to build capacity and equip the Start-ups, SMEs and Innovators with the necessary skills for utilising the power of Internet, creating their online presence, launching and executing cost-effective targeted digital marketing campaigns, reaching out to a wider audience, increasing the sales volumes, keeping a consistent connect with the potential customers, staying competitive in the market place, etc.

As your business charts its journey, technology can play a pivotal role in delivering a larger customer base, greater reach and accelerated growth. That’s why, Google is excited to partner with you as we explore how digital can be a growth engine for your business. The Digital Unlocked workshop is an integrated training program aimed at teaching you digital skills that you can leverage to grow your business. The workshop will begin with an introduction to digital marketing and different digital media, and how they fit into your marketing strategy. This will be followed by presentations about different components such as social media marketing, mobile marketing and e-commerce. The session will end with a presentation on management techniques, using web analytics and other skills and tools.

Who is it for?

Business owners - for those who want to learn digital skills that they can leverage to grow their business online and increase their customer base.

Why get certified?

Certification shows you keep up with the times and have got genuine digital skills, and that you are motivated to learn: essential qualities to grow in today’s business world.

Want to attend the Online Course

How it works:

Google's platform is free - just sign up and receive your online learning plan by of 23 digital marketing topics. Complete your plan by watching the lessons and checking your knowledge with fun and quick quizzes. After you have completed your plan, unlock the certification questions. Once passed, you can download your certificate.

Sign up

Sign up process is very simple - just login here with your google account or with another email id. Fill your details (takes only a minute) and submit. And here you are ready to choose your learning plan.

Learn From Experience:

Watch video tutorials from every day experts who have been in your shoes, or go visit Google in one of offline trainings.

Apply your knowledge:

Test what you have learnt and get practical tips on applying your new skills to grow your confidence.

Keep Going:

Explore more ways to create new opportunities. You can even get certified by completing all topics in Digital Unlocked.

Get the Certification:

We’ve partnered with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad & FICCI to offer a free certification for those who finish our complete course content. Our content covers the basics and beyond, to help you build a great foundation of digital skills to grow your business.

Want to attend the Offline Course?

You can register for the Offline Course for a registration fee of INR 1500 per person. Please visit the Training Calendar to book your slot. For queries related to Offline Workshops:

Call   : +91-11-23487287


If you have any question, you can visit FAQ.

My Experience with Course

As soon as I decided to join the course, I signed up and created my profile. It gave me an opportunity to diagnose the best suited learning plan. My plan was ready with 89 lessons. Unfortunately, my google account got deleted so I decided to delete the Digital Learning Profile and signup again for this. It took more than 2 weeks (due failure of identity verification of new account against the old account) when "Digital Learning Unlocked" allowed me to sign up again.

Finally, I completed my first lesson "The world goes digital" on 04 October 2017. Content of the lesson (video) is great and gives knowledge how the world is getting digitized and how it benefits if we decide to take our business on the digital platform. I took the online test at the end of lesson and the result was displayed immediately. I am planning to complete my second lesson soon.

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