Thursday, 19 October 2017

Linux vs Windows - Which is the Best Hosting Platform?

Websites need space to host data and run their scripts and applications. This space is provided by servers - either Linux or Windows servers. Your choice can impact the way you interact with system, and in this case, you have two main contenders to choose from: Linux and Windows. ‘Linux versus Windows’ is a heated debate in many circles, including Web Hosting. There are some advantages to choose what OS you want to use on your server - refer the below comparison:

Feature Linux Hosting Windows Hosting
Console Linux mostly provides CLI console which requires lesser memory. Windows provides GUI console and so it requires more memory, otherwise it hangs.
Security Linux provides many levels of security like iptables, tcp_wrapper and pam. Windows provides security in the form of firewall only.
Reliability Very High High
Control panel Since Linux is open source, it has many open source control panels for managing hosting but most commonly used control panels are cPanel/WHM and Plesk which are paid. In Windows server, most commonly used control panels are Plesk and WebsitePanel
Application language Applications developed in PHP mostly use Linux. Except PHP, other languages like Perl, Python mostly require Linux only. Applications developed in ASP.NET use Windows.
Database MySQL is most commonly used database in Linux server. MSSQL is most commonly used database in Windows Server.
Application level security Linux has many application level firewalls like ModSecurity which protects website. There is no or lesser security on application level in Windows server.
Ease of Application Development Easy Complex
Execution & Performance Very High High
Cost Very Low High
Customization Highly Customizable Less Customizable
Licence Open Source MS Server Licence
Usability Easy but need to know command lines too Easy
Ease of Set up Complex Easy
Case Sensitiveness Case Sensitive (Upper Case and Lowe Case of alphabets in file names is treated as different) Not Case Sensitive (Upper Case and Lowe Case of alphabets in file names is treated as same)
WordPress or other Web apps -
Dreamweaver & other WYSIWYG apps -
PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, Perl -
Available Plans Single Domain Linux Hosting
Multi Domain Linux Hosting
Reseller Linux Hosting
Single Domain Windows Hosting
Multi Domain Windows Hosting
Reseller Windows Hosting

It depends on the choice of users – which platform is needed by their applications for faster execution. Today most applications are developed in either PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java etc. and all these need Linux server for faster execution and high security. It's important to note that these are just our recommendations. Windows accounts will actually support most of these development tools but Linux hosting best fits most customers' hosting needs.

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