Monday, 23 October 2017

Why is there a Cross Mark on Backside of Train's Last Coach?

It's a funny question if anyone asks you whether you have ever travelled in the train; but another one is quite interesting to ask, "Why is there a Cross Mark on Backside of Train's Last Coach?" Have you observed symbol "X" on the last Coach when you are at the railway station? If you have not, don’t forget to check it next time. You will find few more symbol like "LV" and a red light below the "X".

You would now be curious to know why these symbols are there on the last coach and what’s the importance of these symbols. Here is the answer to your queries-

Reason behind these symbols:

  1. "X" indicates that the coach having this symbol is the Last Vehicle of the train's rake.
  2. "LV" stands for Last Vehicle.
  3. Red Light is also used for indicating the last vehicle. It used to be a Oil Lamp in the past; now a days Electric Lamp is used.

Importance of these symbols:

"X" or "LV" symbol is used during day time to let railway workers know that full train has passed with it's all coaches intact if this symbol is seen on the last coach of the train. If they don't see these symbols, railway workers become alert knowing that rake of the train is broken and running without some coaches. It enables them to take emergency actions to prevent the accident which may happen due to the collision of those coaches with another train on the track. Since these symbols are not visible during night, Red Light is used for the same.

So don’t forget to observe this symbol on the last coach next time when you are at railway station. Be careful and share this valuable information with others too.

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