Thursday, 9 November 2017

Clean up the Spam with Top Spam Filters

Spam is one of the biggest nuisances and the worst thing is that spam can have a long-lasting impact on overall site ranking. However, the best thing is that as the spammer has become smarter over the period of time, the preventive technology has also evolved and you actually don’t need to spend too many of hours just cleaning up the spam. There are a number of plugins for that. Here are a few WordPress plugins that can help you clean up the spam without incurring any effort.


Akismet is counted among the oldest and most effective WordPress antispam plugins that is capable of moderating more than 50K comments per month. The tool works of clever methodology that employs cloud-based algorithm to identify the spam comments and filter them out. The tool is strategically developed by Automattic the parent company of Wordpress to align with the technicalities of Wordpress While filtering the comments. The best thing is that the plug-in is automatically installed during the default WordPress installation. So you don’t need to go through the separate installation process. While the high filtering capacity makes the tool perfect for small enterprises or bloggers the large corporations or high rated blogs can also go for the premium plan that can moderate more than 50,000 comes per month.


AntispamBee is easy to use a dynamic spam filter that you can install right away without going through the registration process or other initial formalities. Apart from being easy to set up the efficiency of the tool is also impressive. It works on a wide set of criteria to single out the spam comments and filter them out. The process includes the comparison of span request to present spam database, checking IP addresses and validating Gravatar to determine if the comment is spam. In order to retain the smooth speed of your website the tool also has a function to delete stored spam periodically so that they won’t pile up and affects your site’s speed. If you need an efficient spam filter with simple interface then this is the ideal tool for you.


One of the most irritating things is to deal with a huge volume of automated spam comments that plague your site. Understandably you need a more efficient and sophisticated tool to deal with that. WP-SpamShield is one such tool that can help you a great way in filtering out a huge quantity of such comments effectively. Due to its twin layer security shield, the WP-Spam shield is able to effectively secure your site form spa comments. In order to protect your site from automated spam, the tool first blocks all the popular automated spam tools. Next, it starts the dynamic filtration system by employing purpose-specific algorithm in order to eliminate the spam comments that are the not filtered by the first protection layer the first protection layer. Taking the capability further, the plug-in also allows you to integrate popular plains like WooComemrce, Contact Form 7 and Gravitor forms.

AntiSpam by Cleantalk

If you are looking for a proactive approach to block the spam comments and keep an easy audit of spam comment request you receive very month hence the best tool for you. The tool runs on the cloud based system and employs a deep algorithm to check for the spam comments and take an instant action. The tool also empowers you to proactively block the spam comments by creating blacklists for blocking the comment request based on detailed criteria including a specific IP address, locations emails etc. the tool also comes with a competent auditing functionality to monitor the spam comments on different gateways of your site like registration forms, contact forms or checkout pages. This multi-point spam protection helps you to protect all the loopholes of your website from where the spam comment might enter.

WordPress Zero Spam

If you are a modest blogger or a small company owner who needs a quick, Easy way to filter spam comments then Wordpress Zero spam is the best tool for you, Instead of confusing you with lots of features or the functionalities stat you don’t need at the present level, e tool majorly concentrates on the important necessities like blocking spam comments and registration of spam accounts. It’s simple; clutter-free interface helps you to take full benefits of its functionalities even without dealing with many technicalities. You can easily integrate the plug-in with other popular plug-in like Gravitar forms Ninja forms or Buddy press t that allows it to be equally helpful in protecting a good number of contact form plugins against spam comments.

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